91 mm! Ancient Roman Sharp! Female Figural Hasp, Ex Donald Jackson Collection ,美国代购,买对网

91 mm! Ancient Roman Sharp! Female Figural Hasp, Ex Donald Jackson Collection

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Ancient Roman Sharp! Female Figural Hasp: Ex Donald Jackson Collection

Huge 91 mm, 43.56 grams with the copper stamped washer Donald placed on the hasp
that matches his website description number of the piece.


I purchased a few items from Donald Jackson and you buyers and I are very
lucky that he is gracious enough to maintain his rather extensive website

where these items are photographed and this one is numbered "5017".
Indeed he actually stamps the brass
colored washer with this number so you can easily search his site and see
these figural hasp photos.

Quoting Donald exactly below about what Figural Hasps are/were:  

“The most desirable and expensive hasps were and are those cast with the
figures of persons. The herm was adapted
to this usage. A herm is a rectangular stone or bronze pillar supporting the
bust of Hermes, with male genitalia toward the base of the pillar. They were
used as boundary markers by the Greeks, and later were adopted by the Romans as
a traditional art form. Themes for the miniature bronze herms made for casket
hasps were extended to include various gods, soldiers, animals and important
persons, mostly unidentifiable at this time. It has been suggested that lars,
or household gods were sometimes represented, but I don't suppose it's possible
to confirm that. I expect that the models for figural hasps have complex
histories. Some features are blurred by corrosion. I suppose these were
top-of-the-line products, but even here the quality is variable, ranging from
crude effigies to minor works of art. Curiously, no figural hasps were found at
provincial Augusta Raurica.”

Reference below:

Search "Roman Locks Donald Jackson"

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