Rare Spanish Model 1848 sword of the Royal Company of Halberdier Guards ,美国代购,买对网

Rare Spanish Model 1848 sword of the Royal Company of Halberdier Guards

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Spanish Model 1848 sword of the Royal Company of Halberdier GuardsC 

See my other auctions. The sword is quite scarce. In 1848 this new design was approved by Queen Isabella II and 320 were manufactured the next year, hence all bear the date 1849. This one is numbered “74” on the reverse quillon block. The Queen was deposed in 1868, abdicated and exiled to France in 1870, at which time roughly half of the swords were turned in by the Guard, and half were looted from the Royal barracks by opposition forces.

The sword is 38 ¾ inches long overall. The hilt is steel with an imitation wire wrapped grip that is round in cross section and tapered at either end. The pommel has cartouches with the arms of Castile and Leon on either side (a lion rampant and a castle.) Running over the pommel and separating the two cartouches is a band containing chevrons and fleurs-de-lis. This pattern is repeated along both the inner and outer edges of the guard, running around the perimeter of the broadest part of the guard and merging toward the pommel. The crossguard measures 5 ½ inches from end to end and passes though the wide knuckleguard, held by a shoe on inside of the guard. The fleur-de-lis motif also appears cast in the round finials of the crossguard quillons and on the both side of the quillon block. On the reverse of the quillon block the number “74” appears below the fleur-de-lis.

The blade is 32 ¼ inches long and ¾ inch wide at the hilt. The back edge of the blade is slightly rounded, as is the lower edge for the first eleven inches. Beyond that point the blade is single edged and ends in a spearpoint. The obverse is engraved on the long blade flat, “Artilleria Fabrica de Toledo Ano de 1849.” The reverse is engraved, “Real Cuerpo de Guardias Alabarderos,” roughly translating as, “Royal Company of Halberdier Guards.” The name of the group obviously derives from its other characteristic weapon, the halberd.

The blade has gray areas overall, but a good edge and point, and no pitting. The grip and pommel have shifted to brown. The chevron and fleur-de-lis designs are worn but legible. The royal crest on the fact of the guard is rubbed in the middle. Please see the photos.  See my other auctions.











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