i7 Custom Gaming Desktop PC - BLACK FRIDAY LIMITED! GeForce GTX 1660, SSD, 16GB,美国代购,买对网

i7 Custom Gaming Desktop PC - BLACK FRIDAY LIMITED! GeForce GTX 1660, SSD, 16GB

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Cobratype KingCobra II Gaming Desktop
Cobratype Venom Gaming Desktop

    The Cobratype Venom is ready to tackle any game you throw its way, from intense first person shooters, to your favorite MMO or MOBA, the Venom will play them with ease. The combination of the new GeForce GTX GPU and an Intel Core i7 CPU make for a formidable machine. Don't just play your favorite game, play it in style. Custom RGB lighting and a transparent side panel allow you to show off your uniquely designed PC. All Cobratype PCs come plug-and-play ready with a keyboard and mouse included.*


       Intel Core i7 Power      

The Intel Core i7 2600 CPU is up for the most demanding of tasks. Whether your playing AAA titles, streaming, or enjoying your favorite online content, this Core i7 CPU is up for the task. 

       Quality Parts and Workmanship     

Tinted, tempered glass. Premium cooling. We only use quality, established components that will be dependable for years to come. While some companies just try to get the most impressive specs for the absolute cheapest cost, we don't. No cheap parts here. We think it's important to focus on SPEED, but QUALITY is just as important. It may take a few more dollars, but we believe it's worth it for a system that is not only fast, but quiet and reliable.


        VR-Ready with NVIDIA GTX       


The GeForce GTX GPU graphics card is a long line of innovative new GPUs from NVIDIA.  Choose the GTX 1060 for fast budget gaming, or the GTX 1070 for maximum power. Capable of rendering your favorite game at stunning resolutions, the GTX is the perfect fit for serious gamers.


       Custom RGB Lighting       


Show off your unique style with custom RGB lights, keyboard and mouse. Fully controllable.     

    Solid State Storage 

This desktop comes with an SSD (solid-state drive), providing rapid load times and reliable data storage. Don't worry, whichever option you choose, we make sure you never run out of space for your favorite games.

Windows 10
           Windows 10      

Stay safe and up to date with the latest security updates and newest features. This is the safest and most advanced Windows ever.


                                                                                                                   *Unless otherwise specified